Assistant Professor
Department of NanoEngineering, UC San Diego

Office: 2703, Atkinson Hall (CALIT2)
Phone: 858-822-4247
Fax: 858-534-9553

PostDoc Massachusetts Institute of Technology Materials Science & Eng.
PhD Singapore-MIT Alliance (National University of Singapore) Advanced Materials for Micro- & Nano- Systems
BS Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Materials Science & Eng.

Research Interests:

Research focuses on the field of energy storage and conversion materials: nano structured electrodes for advanced rechargeable batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells and thermoelectric conversion; charge ordering, structure stability, processing – structure – property - performance relation in functional ceramics and combining first principles computation with high-skilled experiments for rational materials design and optimization for energy applications.
Recent programs include the design, synthesis, processing, and characterization of mixed transition metal oxides as high energy density electrode materials in advanced lithium ion batteries. Of particular interest is the optimization of high energy density Spinel oxides that are low cost, low toxicity and much safer. In situ time-resolved x-ray diffraction and in situ electrochemistry enabled transmission electron microscopy are under intensive development by Professor Meng’s Research Group. Recent work has also expanded to inorganic nanofibers and nanotubes for energy storage and conversion.


Advanced Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries:

First Principles Computational Materials Design:

Advanced In Situ Characterization:

Nano Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion:

Thermoelectric Oxides: