Seminar by Jean-Olivier Durand

Location: Fung Auditorium

Functionalised Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Two-photon Bio-imaging of Cancer Cells and Photodynamic Therapy

Jean-Olivier Durand, Ph.D.

University of Montepellier II, France

Abstract: The use of nanotechnologies for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes to fight cancer increased considerably over the last few years. In this work, we prepared functionalised mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSN) encapsulating new two-photon chromophores in order to develop original biological markers. We have also synthesized MSN for one or two-photon photodynamic therapy. Photosensitizers designed for one or two-photon PDT were encapsulated into MSN which were functionalized with mannose on the surface. Those MSN were incubated with colon (HCT-116), Retinoblastoma (Y-79), Breast (MCF-7, MDA-MB-231) cancer cells. One photon irradiation at 650 nm was very efficient particularly with breast cancer cells. Alternatively, with MSN designed for two-photon excitation at 760 nm, Only 3 seconds of irradiation at low power (80 mW) were sufficient to kill 75% to 100 % of the cells. A preliminary study (proof of concept), carried out in vivo with athymic mice bearing HCT-116 colon xenografts, has shown the efficiency of the nanoparticles for the treatment of colorectal cancer in vivo. Thus MSN present an important potential for small size tumors were surgery is not justified.


Professionnal experience:

*Since November 1996, CR1 at CNRS  UMR 5253,

*Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (Tenure) 12-13-2002.

*Research group since 2000: Silica-based hybrid nanomaterials for biological applications, functionalisation of nanoparticles, and silicon wafers with organic molecules and biomolecules. 

Training Period*(Décember 1995 - November 1996): Post-doctoral researcher in Dr Marc LARCHEVEQUE’s laboratory. National Chemistry School of Paris, Subject : cyclic peptides, aminoalcohols and aminodiols, Synthesis of (2R,3S)-3-hydroxyproline.

*(Décember 1994 - November 1995) : Assistant Professor, Professor Maurice LE CORRE’s laboratory. Synthesis of bicamphor and phosphines derivatives for asymmetric catalysis.

*(February 1993 - September 1994): Post-doctoral researcher at the university of Geneva supervisor : Professor Wolfgang OPPOLZER: Subject : enantioselective metallo-ene reaction. 

*(September 1990 - January 1993):     PhD of the university of Paris VI,

Supervisor : Professeur Jean-Pierre GENET,

Subject : Asymmetric synthesis by using Sharpless’ reaction, preparation of bicyclic b-lactamic precursors, and unusual b-hydroxy a-amino acids.

59 peer-reviewed publications, 2 book chapters, 8 patents.

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