Undergraduate Academic Planning

Upon admission to the major, students should consult the catalog or NanoEngineering website for their program of study or contact an undergraduate advisor through the Virtual Advising Center if they have questions. The program plan may be revised in subsequent years, but revisions involving curricular requirements require approval by an undergraduate advisor or the Undergraduate Affairs Committee. Because some course and/or curricular changes may be made every year, it is imperative that students consult with the department’s undergraduate advisors on an annual basis.

CENG and NANO courses are offered only once a year and therefore should be taken in the recommended sequence. If courses are taken out of sequence, it may not always be possible to enroll in courses as desired or needed. If this occurs, students should seek immediate departmental advice. When a student deviates from the sequence of courses specified for each curriculum in this catalog, it may be impossible to complete a CENG or NANO major within the normal four-year period.

Program Alterations/Exceptions to Requirements

Variations from or exceptions to any program or course requirements are possible only if a petition is approved by the Undergraduate Affairs Committee before the courses in question are taken. Petition forms may be obtained from the Student Affairs Office and must be processed through this office. Students need to verify they have completed prerequisites for all classes - for departmental prerequisites click here. 

Planning Tools

Here are some forms to help with your academic planning.

Tentative Course Offerings