NanoEngineering Program Mission & Objectives

The mission of the NanoEngineering Program is to provide a multidisciplinary education in nanoscale science and technology. This program is intended to prepare students for a career in nanotechnology by providing them with a sound grounding in multidisciplinary areas of nanoscale science and engineering. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of materials and their properties at the atomic and nanometer scales. This program will be anticipating trends and be providing students with integrated, cross-disciplinary scientific knowledge and professional skills. Students will be enabled to develop a range of professional, scientific, and computational skills that will enhance employment opportunities in a wide range of industrial and governmental institutions.

The Program Educational Objectives of the NanoEngineering Program are:

  1. Nanoengineering graduates will have a strong technical and fundamental background that enables them to be successful in diverse careers that cross traditional areas of applied science and engineering.

  2. Nanoengineering graduates will be fluent in a multidisciplinary body of knowledge for participating within integrated teams, communicating across disciplines, and for seeding new technologies.

  3. Nanoengineering graduates will constitute a high-technology workforce with professional, scientific, and technical skills; they will conduct themselves ethically and knowledgeably in a wide range of professional environments.

The curriculum is designed to prepare nanoengineering graduates for further education and personal development through their entire professional career. We strive to accomplish these goals by providing a rigorous and demanding curriculum that incorporates lectures, discussions, laboratory and project development experiences in basic sciences, mathematics, engineering sciences, and design as well as the humanities and social sciences.