Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Contributions Shape The Future                                                                               

Over the past 10 years, NanoEngineering at UC San Diego has grown from the vision of a few faculty to a flourishing program for educating thousands of talented students and addressing the opportunities and challenges of today and the future. Charitable giving ensures that NanoEngineering will remain one of the world's top research departments. Your investment in our department will be returned through the education of tomorrow's technology leaders, the continuation of leading-edge research to drive innovation, and the transfer of discoveries to benefit society. Please consider giving at the following levels to help underwrite our important mission:


  • $5,000 Founders Level Sponsorship

  • $2,500 Chairs Level SponsorshipDonate Now Button.jpg

  • $1,000 Professor Level Sponsorship

  • $ ____ Other Amount


We thank you for your support!