What Can I Petition?

An Undergraduate Student Petition must be completed for various issues which may arise during a student's academic career. For example:

  • Requesting to enroll in a course without the proper prerequisites.
  • Requesting to enroll in course concurrently with a prerequisite course.
  • Requesting to substitute a course with transfer units. (You don't need to do this if the course taken at your former college is listed on the UCSD Course Approximation Form.)
  • Requesting to take electives, not on the preapproved list.
  • Requesting to graduate with one "D" in any course that is a major course except core CENG or NANO courses.
  • Requesting to substitute a course from classes taken abroad. You will need to submit a petition to the NanoEngineering Department the quarter before you leave.     

How Do I Submit a Petition?

  1. Have your UC San Diego student PID# and password ready.
  2. Log in via Undergraduate Petition portal.
  3. Select the department that you are submitting a petition to.
    • Note: Currently, only the NanoEngineering Department, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Chemistry Department have online petitions.  All others may require students to complete the paper form of the Undergraduate Student Petition - please check with each department on their petition process.
  4. Select the type of petition to be submitted.
  5. Complete the petition request with course information and reason for the petition.
  6. Optional:  attach any supporting documents such as course syllabus, homework assignments, exam questions, project reports, etc., anything that will provide further information on the courses being petitioned.  Only PDF files will be accepted.

What is the Process of Submitting a Petition?

Once the petition has been submitted it will be reviewed by Student Affairs, the Department Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC), and the faculty teaching the course. It will take about 5-7 days for petitions to be reviewed and processed. Once reviewed, the student will be notified by the undergraduate advisors through a generated email. For paper petitions, the student will be notified of a decision via Virtual Advising Center (VAC) - an email will be sent to the student's UC San Diego email account alerting them that a VAC message is awaiting their review.